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How to Order

Ordering a custom knife is likely going to be a new experience for you so I figured I would provide a little guide on how to streamline the process. Below you will see three steps, each describing a different piece of information I will need from you in order for me to gauge your request.

Once you've read the questions, please fill out the form below or just send me an email directly. If you're filling out the form, please use an email that you check regularly so that you don't miss my response as I will only respond once.


Think about what you want the purpose of the knife you're ordering to be. What will you be cutting with it? Will it be doing heavy chopping or light detail work?

These questions are important to consider because different types of knife require different types of edge. The edge on a chef knife will not do the job of a machete.


The next thing to think about is your budget for this project. A higher budget will allow for more exotic materials and more complex finishes and designs; a lower budget will mean that some things need to be compromised. In saying this, I don't like turning down commissions because I really do enjoy making custom knives to fit your needs. So just think about what you're willing to pay, and I'll do my best to accommodate your budget.


This is the time to think about any extras or specifics for your knife. If you want specific materials, colours, steels, a particular design etc. 

Feel free to also include pictures to help illustrate what you're wanting, take a look through my portfolio or find them elsewhere, either will help me get closer to what you want.


Now that you know how to order, let me know what you're wanting.


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